Our Products

All of our products are available directly from the farm.  Some of our product can also be found at the local food coops. Meat is available in bulk quantities and as individual cuts.  Please contact us for pricing and order forms for bulk quantities.

Pasture Raised Pork

Our heritage breeds are raised on organic grain, milk, and pasture. Pigs love to root through the fields and forest and help to renovate our old pastures. Pork is sold as a 20# box of mixed cuts or a half or whole pig and can be cut to your specifications. We offer smoking of hams and bacon and various sausage options. Individual cuts also available at our store.

Grass Fed Beef

Our herd is rotationally grazed through certified organic pastures to assure consistent high quality feed. Winter feed consists of certified organic hay and mineral supplements. Beef is sold as 20# and 50# boxes of mixed cuts ranging from ground beef to prime steaks. Individual cuts available at the farm store.

Organic Free Range Chicken and Eggs

“Lucky Ladies” Organic Eggs

Our 400 laying hens are lucky ladies indeed. Besides receiving a ration of certified organic grain, the hens spend their days out on pasture where they hunt through the grass, spread out in the sun, and bathe in the dust.  Chickens are born to scratch and peck for bugs and worms and benefit from the high vitamin levels of green grass and clover. The difference is evident when you crack open an egg from a pastured hen. The bright orange yolk is a sign of the higher levels of beta carotene and beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids that aren’t found in eggs from hens raised in confinement. Eggs are available at the farm as well as Hunger Mountain Coop.

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The Farm Store

Please call ahead to order bulk boxes of beef or pork. 802-454-8614

Directions- Turn at the blinking light on Route 2 into Plainfield Village. Take your first right onto Mill St. Turn left onto Brook Rd. Continue approximately 2.5 miles. Turn left on Gray Rd. The farm is the first on the left. Store is in the old barn directly by the road.

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About our Farm and Family

We are a grass based farm producing eggs, beef, and pork. Located in Plainfield under the shadow of Spruce Mountain, we are working to revive an old farm and bringing the fields back into production.

While John spent five years as the director of the organic certification program for NOFA-VT (Northeast Organic Farming Association), we began our farming careers leasing land in Burlington’s Intervale. We were eager to expand our operation and spent a number of years looking for our own farm.  It was here in Plainfield that we found a farmstead dating back to 1860 with deep loam soils, 35 acres of pasture and a brand new barn, perfect for housing chickens and the rest of our livestock through the winter months.

Our farm is truly is a family affair.  Besides maintaining his job as the New England farm coordinator for Organic Valley (a regional dairy cooperative), John is our farm’s general manager.  He oversees our grazing plan and is responsible for all of our pasture management.  Lauren, while home on the farm during the day, manages the the daily chores of feeding and caring for the animals as well as the marketing and book-keeping.  All of the children assist with egg collection and spend lots of time showering all of the animals with the extra attention that a small family farm can provide.

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How to Reach Us

Cleary Family Farm | 137 Gray Rd., Plainfield, VT 05667 |802-454-8614 | info@clearyfamilyfarm.com

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